Portugal 2022 Team Forming and Land Exploring

Facilitators Portugal 2022 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

We started with planning and discussions, then  we gathered community to bring presence to the teachings.  Portugal Oct 22- Nov 6, 2022, This group lived, breathed, embodied and provided an example for the 300 hour yoga students. Our training provided the transmission of  transformative yoga. Steeped in tradition and mindful of our present experiences, our methods and time provided an opportunity for all to grow and heal in unique ways.


I connected with and felt the land and environment in surprising ways. From mushroom walks ..

to beach cove exploring, the land provided ample opportunity to experience all of the elements.


Water Mantra and Meditation with Inti Yoga and Indra Yoga Institute

A portal to the otherside.


I’ll have more updates on the trip and experience. Our next event is set for Nov 2023!!  I look forward to connecting with you for this unique experience.

Portugal Yoga Facilitators 2022

Angela (Dharma) Fears and the Yoga Team of facilitators in Portugal November 2022

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