Breathwork and Ayurveda Jan 3, 2021

Hard to believe it was 5 years ago I dove into Breathwork practice. I scheduled a 6 weeks Chi Kung course, I dedicated months to pranayama practices, I studid with and hosted Shamanic and Yoga Teachers. I practiced Wim Hof Method and completed a cold plunge. I realize now the CHi Kungs instructor and the WIm Hof instructor were one and the same. I found the Yogic Teachings resonated and whether I plunged in cold water or met the challenges of the week.. I was prepared in a way that I had not experienced before breath work.

Breath work helps me to achieve a state my cousin termed Totally Calm. This phrase echoed with me as we shared our practices and the impacts on our well being and life. Life and lack of vision for Totally calm got in the way of its purpose and capacity. My Ego has been in the way of offering my own practice and insights. As I move my practice forward, be sure to check back here with progress of my practices and teachings. My cousin has expanded his offerings to include the Awake and Aware webcast. I am eager to see this manifestation of his own unique pursuits.

I am looking at finding a regular time for a breathwork series. I”ll set up a session on Union Fit, and The Healing Retreat for People of Color is another opportunity to share in Breath Practices and a Basic understanding of how to implement them into your morning routine. This event is Sunday, Jan 3rd. Join us to reset and restore in company of a wise and esteemed Yoga, movement and meditation/mindfullness team.

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