Healthy Aging Resources

Healthy Aging Resources

Healthy Aging Resoures

I am grateful for the practice of Yoga. It is helped me gain perspectie and strengthen as a I blessfully, navigate the Healthy Aging Process. The Results are In:  Simple Ayurveda and lifestyle practices can impact your healthy outcomes with clear results.  Monitoring myself and another cohort of clients has provided the short and long term results of infusing the...[ read more ]

Wellness and Education Programs

Angela designs, leads and partners with group and organizations to create and implement: Wellness Coaching and Seasonal Living Programs Yoga and Personal Development Programs Community Wellness and Education Programs Youth and School Movement classes and STEM programs Wellness Coaching and Seasonal Living: Wellness Powers  is our creative tool to help people thrive. Its work focuses on motivating wellness activities to...[ read more ]

Vision and Healthy Aging

It can be overwhelming. It may start out as things being a little blurry, maybe you squint a bit more. It can be difficult to notice the eye strain, the neck tension. Checking and correcting your vision may be a straightforward fix. However, finding the resources can be daunting as we age.   I have found that NVISION Centers provides ...[ read more ]