Join the Yoga Teacher Training for Summer 2023

Join the Yoga Teacher Training for Summer 2023

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Healthy Aging Resources

Healthy Aging Resoures

I am grateful for the practice of Yoga. It is helped me gain perspectie and strengthen as a I blessfully, navigate the Healthy Aging Process. The Results are In:  Simple Ayurveda and lifestyle practices can impact your healthy outcomes with clear results.  Monitoring myself and another cohort of clients has provided the short and long term results of infusing the...[ read more ]

Health Series for 2023

I'll be introducing new topics for thoughts throughout 2023. You'll find ways to engage on social media, through Live calls, podcasts and retreats!! Holistic Health is my mission and I look forward to sharing from the wisdom traditions. Healing Yoga and Ayurveda provide a foundation of healing and nutrition. African Spiritual systems are a wonder to explore. African Wisdom provides...[ read more ]

Portugal 2022 Team Forming and Land Exploring

[caption id="attachment_2542" align="alignnone" width="300"] Facilitators Portugal 2022 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training[/caption] We started with planning and discussions, then  we gathered community to bring presence to the teachings.  Portugal Oct 22- Nov 6, 2022, This group lived, breathed, embodied and provided an example for the 300 hour yoga students. Our training provided the transmission of  transformative yoga. Steeped in tradition...[ read more ]

Tales of Krishna and Yin Yoga

It will be great to share the wisdom of Yoga through movement and Story. The bhakti yoga tradition used story to set the mood, connect us to the teachings and allows us to remember our teachers. Storytelling allows us to approach and experience. Tales of Yoga Sages and mystics  has inspired generations. My first Yoga Immersioin and training in India...[ read more ]

Full Spectrum Peru Experience

[caption id="attachment_2450" align="alignnone" width="300"] Thank You Cards from Yoga Students[/caption] So much love for my first in person Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion with Indra Yoga Institute. Peru was all that is old world and outdoor wonderland and so much more. The experience of the mountains, trails and streams were truly magical. With waterfall hikes outside the retreat gates, we...[ read more ]

Why Retreat? Peru 2022 2023

I am at the airport, awaiting the first of three flights to Peru. This journey started  in January as the potential and plans were confirmed. As the July travel dates approached, I leaned into rest and began the packing process. Seeing this photo of our retreat center, helped put the Treat in Retreat!! retreat does not have to be a...[ read more ]

Healing Yoga Practice

  In leading classes I base the selection of poses on my personal practice and input from any and all students in class. Recent hip pain has me re-examining the posture selection in both personal and group practice. Meditation, mantra are hip intensive activities due to the sitting requirements. A combination of strength and rest was required. A series of...[ read more ]

Heart Opening from Teacher Training

we just completed the online teacher training Spring 2022 Cohort with Indra Yoga Institute.   As I was reflecting with the class. My voice wavered and I felt the undeniable heart tremor I have experienced in deep meditation or bhakti yoga moments. A feeling some calling being in the bhav, the mood of the heart. This mood of the heart...[ read more ]

Winter Wellness & New Year Activity

I was about to celebrate a pain free neck and shoulder ths New Year. I could recognize when my computer and screen time was reaching its limit this holiday season and I then went to a standing or another posture. The holidays also brought homemade cookies, baskets of nuts, chocolate sweets, and flavored popcorn - All to be enjoyed, and...[ read more ]