December Astrology and Herbs for Health

Astrology and Herbs. A Great topic I was happy to lead the discussion. I prepared by reviewing the Rig Veda, the first text on the use of plants, and reviewing my own use of herbs and botanicals to heal and thrive. I am fairly active and have managed with a torn meniscus. Howver the=is low grade inflammation has led to other aches and sprains becoming pain points that linger longer than my mind demands. My sore, tense muscles are met with a stressed mind. Being a Black woman in America this year has been stressful, healing current trauma, recognizing past trauma and being with all of it does create a tension that can be describes as an anxiety of reality dissonance.
Especially during this pandemic and the racial justice transformation and awareness. With so much stress I have used Teas , Tinctures and salves as the backbone for my usage of herbs on the daily. At the onset of Shelter in Place , I found myself taking Holy Basil. I had just returned from India , so it was not far fetched for me to use an Ayurvedic Herb. I felt the difference in the tension release across my kidneys, so I continue to take the supplement daily.
Over the past month my body has responded well to a CBD/THC 1:1 nightly edible. 5-10mg has really supported the elimination of my shoulder, neck pain. AS this haas been a lingering pain from 2018, its absence is significant.
To Manage long term and short term stress, Bach Flower Essences are a great resource to aid with mental well being, allowing us to move through our stress gracefully.

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