March & April 2021 Discipline – The foundation of Yoga

March 2021
I began a study and practice of Tapas. I joined my 200 Hour YTT students and choose a value to rededicate and focus on for our first module. A Module is roughly 2 months of a 6 month program.
My tapas was not about adding discipline to my yoga practice. This was disciplined – Mantra, Meditation, breathwork, asana ,silence and communication exercises. I was in for my practice.
Injury and pandemic relationships allowed me to gain perspective to realize I needed to dedicate time and energy to strength training. Strength training would allow me to rehab and strengthen my knee/Quads and shoulders, and allow me to spend time and be in relationship with people I could not spend time wiht during the pandemic.

The universe provided with the re-opening of our local gym, and a nagging injury that truly tested my resolve.

Discipline was the only response I found when I realized a mindfulness certification course, my own advanced Yoga Training and a sangha community course would all be running in parallel. March and May starts were pushed to May and I found myself unsure and assuming a closed posture within myself because the schedule seemed overwhelming.

I had no choice but to release my fear and show up for what I love, as I love it..

I used discipline to show up and challenge my form and the weights I used as I made a daily commitment for 7am powerbuilding.
I used discipline to organize my Yoga Teacher Training class notes and topics.
I used discipline to Create on a new Group Wellness opportunity
I used discipline to carve out family time and enjoy myself in nature with hiking and kayak trips
I used discipline to investigate my injuries and follow-up on treatment plans.

It is May 16 – 11 weeks.
I will be completing the one rep max testing over the next 1 or 2 weeks.
My Yoga Teacher training class students are committed and experiencing their own change.
I am finding more creative methods to meet the needs of the my wellness group.
Family and nature time have become non-negotiables. I use discipline when my ego gets in the way.
My injuries have vastly improved. From not sleeping on my left side with a pain score of 8/10, today, this SUnday I am experiencing a 2/10!!
My Right knee and quad have completed a true course of rehab and now I am squatting 85lbs.

I am in on the use of discipline. The application may look different for you in your life. The power of yogic discipline, tapas, brings a heat and intensity to your life. this will effortlessly align to your self-study and devotion. It has in my practice, and I trust it will for you as well.

Enjoy this clip of 100 pushups to end a morning set!!

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