Raja Yoga on Thursdays


I will be offering an Online Raja Yoga course at 8am EST on Thurs for members of the Brown Girl Yoga Tribe. It is wonderful to kick off the New Year with the excitement and energy of invigorating a new routine or practice.

We will build and develop with the month theme. The Meditation in Motion aspect of Raja Yoga will include mantra, mudra and inquiry to support and reveal our own Yoga flow. Classic asana postures will be explored in warm-up and standing sets. Floor work with Hip and Back sessions are sure to be included. Raja Yoga includes Kriya and reiki sets to allow all to experience the innate intelligence of their own wisdom.

Looking for me live:

I will be covering Reiki Restore 1/9 amd 1/16 Live In person at SOY.

Tuesday 4:15 Meditation in Motion also at SOY

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