Red Thread Circle

I received my literal , most recent read thread in Haridwar, India. The town was not as I had imagined, While the layout from the river was disorienting – the open hearts of our hosts, guides and puja acharyas guided us through the spring rains and ceremonies on the riverbanks. I received my thread on the banks of the Yamuna.
Today the Red Thread became a meditation and topical guide. I wear a red thread on my wrist. I am thankful to have a Buddhist teacher who can relate my red thread to all aspects of my life. The red thread of my blood, the red thread of my feminine, my red thread of my justice, the red thread of my cause, the red thread of civil war , the red thread of desire. I related when Rev. Angel spoke of the red thread of the profane to the mudane.

Do you have a thread that binds or ties you? Is it willful? Is it useful?

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