Summer Yoga Retreat Open For Registration

Join us as this summer as we explore Portugal, our home that connects and enriches us. Among the back drop of beach and town we will be nestled into a place of clear discovery.

Yoga retreat with Jessy and Dharma

The scope of our Yoga Retreat in Portugal this summer. Wholeness, Healing and Mantra.

We begin to ground with our location selection, Shanti Space. Our Summer 2023  retreat into  this wooded surroundings provides an area for you to personally ground. Along with eating enriched foods and  developing personal connections , our intention to ground is set at the foundation.


Rituals and mantras of inspiration will allow our hearts and sound practices to soar. Discover and develop the mantra of you with guides of meditative wisdom traditions and personal growth.

Personal time, time at the beach and in sound /vocal sessions will provide an opportunity for our personality to relax and ReLease.

Let your voice be heard and let your body wisdom decide between active and passive movements in practice.

Daily movement practices will allow your own body wisdom to deepen your experience. Yoga, Tai Chi and Dance will inspire our movement. Then as we open to the limitless , we will begin the process of uncovering our switches and triggers in order to activate our mantras. Yoga Nidra and Sound healing sessions  are planned to allow for an Open Focus Heart Mind experience


Over 5 days and nights, we’ll dive into meditation in motion yoga practices, spirit filled dance and movement, and the abundant exploration of the sweet space and our own heart wisdom expressed as a mantra.

Throughout our time together, we’ll explore relaxation practices  in bringing our attention to this moment of ReLease and Being

  • Daily yoga practices
  • Intention setting with Personal Mantra
  • Hand crafted food and drinks
  • Ritual Arts
  • Community
  • Free time to explore and restore

What if you could harmonize with nature, yourself and others with key sounds? Have you connected sound and song to your practice? Join us as we allow you to feel it all, to lean into the sound of the self and Sing with It.

The practices of yoga calls our attention to the opportunity to reSet and Harmonize ourselves. Empowering ourselves to relax and feel the inner wisdom are the Heart Centered practices we will explore.


This retreat is open to those with and without yoga and meditation experience. You are invited to schedule a 1:1 session with Jessy or Dharma before registration.

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