Summer Yoga Retreat Open For Registration

Summer Yoga Retreat Open For Registration

Join us as this summer as we explore Portugal, our home that connects and enriches us. Among the back drop of beach and town we will be nestled into a place of clear discovery. [caption id="attachment_2741" align="alignnone" width="300"] The scope of our Yoga Retreat in Portugal this summer. Wholeness, Healing and Mantra.[/caption] We begin to ground with our location selection,...[ read more ]

Grateful for 2022 Opportunities!!

I am so grateful for 2022!! What an opportunity to practice, teach and lead amazing groups of committed Yoga students. Everyone was either committed to their own practice or committed to serving their community. I was committed to showing others the methods my teachers have shared with me to accomplish both. Taking care of yourself and being in community do...[ read more ]

Tales of Krishna and Yin Yoga

It will be great to share the wisdom of Yoga through movement and Story. The bhakti yoga tradition used story to set the mood, connect us to the teachings and allows us to remember our teachers. Storytelling allows us to approach and experience. Tales of Yoga Sages and mystics  has inspired generations. My first Yoga Immersioin and training in India...[ read more ]