FEB 2021 The Journey of Malcolm X through a Yoga lens

So much has transpired for myself, you and many others since I offered this session in Feb 2021.

The idea of the Yoga Journey of Malcolm X was a thought that was unearthed within me many years ago. With time I gathered the tools and was exposed to a skill set that allowed me to develop and explore the journey in a unique Bhakti Yoga method!!

I updated my presentation With new references to the history,to the timeline and dates and alsoa better understanding of the process that we all go through. The process to learn, to grow and to transform. I was able to fill in the pieces and realized a story of Bhakti yoga was forming This provides the true purpose of life and Malcolm X completed the bhakti yoga journey.

This journey includes discipline, self study and surrender to the Source. In doing this he grew from a humble working ex-convict to a world leader inspiring men and women with vision and a willingness to speak to Truth.

Vedic Astrology of Malcolm X

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