Wellness and Education Programs

Angela designs, leads and partners with group and organizations to create and implement:

  • Wellness Coaching and Seasonal Living Programs
  • Yoga and Personal Development Programs
  • Community Wellness and Education Programs
  • Youth and School Movement classes and STEM programs

Wellness Coaching and Seasonal Living:

Wellness Powers  is our creative tool to help people thrive. Its work focuses on motivating wellness activities to support health and well-being. The Wellness Powers approach combines behavioral science, integral yoga and time tested wisdom practices.  These teachings are shared with strategic partnerships to drive broad impact. Connecting to Nature and the Elements is another integral approach we incorporate.

Yoga and Personal Development Programs:

Whether for your own health and development, or to share the art and system of Yoga with others, Angela leads retreats and certifications throughout the year to offer guide others to healthy outcomes. Honoring the heritage of traditions and understanding  a holistic approach that informs and inspires our practice. Our retreat locations honor the beauty of the Earth by including  Arizona (USA) , Portugal , India , Africa and Peru

Community Wellness and Education Programs:

Our Wellness Power Programs is a partner with the Chandler Symphony in the design and implementation of its Education Program for 2022 and 2023. Participants and families will explore Music and Active Listening.

Youth and School Movement and STEM programs

Our Wellness Powers Programs provide entry and access points to connecting experiences with Nature, Movement, Art and Science. Angela has led science discovery programs for class enrichment, for Youth movement and  school meditation programs for test and class preparation. Contact us to assist with your Spring Break or Summer Program.


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