Wellness Tools Fall 2021

Downloads for your Wellness Journey

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 Meditation for Mindfulness 

 A 6 minute – 61 Point meditation for Relaxation.

Be relaxed in a comfortable setting for this focused meditation offering. Settle in  over the first 50 seconds, settle the body and mind, then prepare for the meditation which starts at 00:52.


Journaling for Mindfulness

Our Wellness Journal for Business: Monthly and Quarterly Prompts to track and focus execution. Achieve Better Results!

Wellness Journal NLW (2).  PDF Journal

Movement (Yoga, Tai Chi, Strength, Stretch)

 Tabata Timer – Download the app for our wellness Journey. Tuesday and Thursdays endurance development and training starting Sept 2!!  Follow our progression or develop your own. Download before Sept 2nd and be ready for the program start on Sept 2nd.


Lifestyle (Diet,Home,Outdoors)

Fasting Program starts Sept 1!!  Develop your plan and being anytime this week. Check the Wellness Calendar for Updates.