Why Retreat? Peru 2022 2023

I am at the airport, awaiting the first of three flights to Peru. This journey started  in January as the potential and plans were confirmed. As the July travel dates approached, I leaned into rest and began the packing process.

Seeing this photo of our retreat center, helped put the Treat in Retreat!! retreat does not have to be a disempowering escape, Retreat can be the act of surrender, to allowing and witnessing Trust on another level.  I choose to Retreat into the practices of Yoga to reveal the blessings of witnessing, honoring and being.  I will be retreating to Accept my own simple practice of breath and movement. I will delight in the unknown  and create space to allow life and the magic of the people and land be revealed in its own way.

I am choosing to use the wait time on this leg of the journey to create a few blogs and prepare a few media posts to keep connected to all.

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