Winter Wellness & New Year Activity

I was about to celebrate a pain free neck and shoulder ths New Year. I could recognize when my computer and screen time was reaching its limit this holiday season and I then went to a standing or another posture. The holidays also brought homemade cookies, baskets of nuts, chocolate sweets, and flavored popcorn – All to be enjoyed, and the weeks from Thanksgiving to New Years can be filled with one- two- three treats to many.

The Body will keep score, and if one is listening.. will report its ability to harmonize, stabilize and thrive.

My body had one last soreness to savor before the New Year could usher itself in completely. I hunkered down and completed a Winter Ayurvedic protocol. This afforded a wholesome reduction in sugar and a fulfilling array of vegetables and soups to eat.

My Winter Wellness protocol includes a daily massage oil. This winter I tried a new Vata Oil from Kerala Wellness. The bottle, packaging and oil are top notch. The effect was exactly what my body needed to restore and prepare for the New Year Activity increased trail time, workouts and restorative rest!!

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