Schedule 30 min Astrology


Inquire about a longer session to discuss your chart, current and upcoming transits.

  • 30 Minutes Review  – 40$ with Chart and  Mantra

60 minutes – 75$   75 minutes – 90  90 MINUTES 120$

Natal Chart Analysis

During our time together we will explore your birth (natal) chart. A Jyotish Analysis and Additional Charts ( Moon, D9, Tithi LIsting) are provided. I will review and share:

  • Your rising sign (ascendant)
  • Planets in their signs and Houses
  • Key House cusps, and Moon Nodal Positions
  • Major aspects to planets and houses, identify planetary Yogas
  • Determine your driving elements and Vedic Life Purpose

We will look at your current Timecycle, and identify key patterns and possibility in play.

Transit Chart Analysis

The foundation of this hour and a half session begins with the Birth Chart Consultation, and then applies this knowledge to specific areas in more depth.

  • Examine the activated karmas and patterns due to transits and timecycle periods.
  • Career and Work Analysis – Timing,strengths, and aptitudes
  • Understand your self, needs and how to communicate to all partners – romantic, friendly
  • Tools and methods to mange oppositions.