Health Series for 2023

I’ll be introducing new topics for thoughts throughout 2023. You’ll find ways to engage on social media, through Live calls, podcasts and retreats!!

Holistic Health is my mission and I look forward to sharing from the wisdom traditions.

Healing Yoga and Ayurveda provide a foundation of healing and nutrition. African Spiritual systems are a wonder to explore. African Wisdom provides a depth and clarity to my practice that I am inspired to share with you. The moving flow and forms of Tai Chi Chuan will complete our triad of movement systems.

Personal Development, NLP systems of integration and time tested mindfulness meditation will support and provide context for our work. The results will manifest in improved health, better relationships and clarity on purpose.

I’ll be working with an engaged group of Yoga Teachers and Coaches to share our passions and purpose. Stay tuned for the reveal. Drop me a line if there is a topic on health, or personal development you would like us to consider.

There is so much more to come.

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