Healthy Aging Resources

Healthy Aging Resoures

I am grateful for the practice of Yoga. It is helped me gain perspectie and strengthen as a I blessfully, navigate the Healthy Aging Process.

The Results are In:  Simple Ayurveda and lifestyle practices can impact your healthy outcomes with clear results.

 Monitoring myself and another cohort of clients has provided the short and long term results of infusing the complexities of the modern world with Yoga and Ayurveda practices.

 Of course, Strength training, Recovery work, Body and Mind Treatments were all applied throughout the year  for myself and others.

 My chronic pain from srress, leading multiple trainings, lack of strrength, lack of mobility, illness and poor planning led to a a reboot for me!

 Religning to Bhakti principles, and aligning with the clients from the presence of being, allows to effortlessly develop our practices for Yoga As A Way of Life.

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Careful Planning and the best of intentions will ease your mind as we all navigate the complexities of modern aging.

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