Vision and Healthy Aging

It can be overwhelming. It may start out as things being a little blurry, maybe you squint a bit more.

It can be difficult to notice the eye strain, the neck tension.

Checking and correcting your vision may be a straightforward fix. However, finding the resources can be daunting as we age.


I have found that NVISION Centers provides  resources and information on eyesight and vision. I’ll be highlighting and sharing the resources from this group as I share more on Healthy Aging this year! What a great resource

In both Ayurveda and Taoist Healing practices, looking at the condition of the eyes is a standard of care.

From the NVSION site “

Often, there are few if any symptoms for many eye-related conditions and diseases until they have progressed to an advanced state. Regular checkups, eye exams, and healthy lifestyle choices can help to preserve vision and overall health. An eye exam can also often catch other health issues, such as stroke and diabetes.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that seniors ages 65 and older get regular eye exams every year. If you are at a high risk for eye disease or vision impairment, check with your doctor to see if they want you to get more frequent exams. An annual physical with a medical professional can help to detect any diseases or conditions that can impact the eyes.

The Seniors Program through EyeCare America offers free and low-cost vision care for eligible seniors. People who do not have coverage through the VA or an HMO, are ages 65 and older, are US citizens, and have not been to an ophthalmologist in three years can qualify for a medical eye exam and one year of follow-up care.

Check out the Senior Vision Guide here!!

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